INT 31H 0700H: Mark Page as Demand-Paging Candidate

                                                    Compatibility: DPMI 0.9+ 
 Expects: AX    0700H
          BX:CX starting linear address of pages to mark
          SI:DI size, in bytes, of region to mark
 Returns: CF    NC (clear) if successful; else AX = DPMI Error Code
    Info: Notifies the DPMI host that a specified range of pages can be
          placed at the head of the page-out candidate list.  The host will
          swap them out the next time memory is needed, even if they have
          been accessed recently.

          This lets you optimize virtual memory access.  If you know that
          some region will not be needed for a while (or may be regenerated
          easily), let it be swapped out in preference to some other memory
          that may soon be needed.

See Also: DPMI API
          INT 2fH: Multiplex Interrupt
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