INT 31H 0b02H: Query State of Debug Watchpoint

                                                    Compatibility: DPMI 0.9+ 
 Expects: AX    0b02H
          BX    watchpoint handle (as obtained via INT 31H 0b00H)
 Returns: CF    NC (clear) if successful; else AX = DPMI Error Code
          AX    watchpoint status bits: bit 0: 0=not encountered
                                               1=has been encountered
                                         1-15: reserved
    Info: Obtains information about the status of a debug watchpoint
          previously specified via INT 31H 0b00H.

          You may use INT 31H 0b03H to clear the watchpoint without
          releasing the handle.

See Also: DPMI API
          INT 2fH: Multiplex Interrupt
          DOS Functions