INT 2fH b7xxH: APPEND.EXE Functions

                                                         Compatibility: 3.0+ 
     See: b700H (is APPEND.EXE installed?)

          b702H (query APPEND version)

          b704H (query APPEND path string)

          b706H (query APPEND option settings)

          b707H (set APPEND options)

          b711H (set APPEND truename flag)

 These functions are available only when the APPEND.EXE command has been
 executed.  When resident, the Append command modifies the functionality of
 DOS fns...
   3dH    (open file)
   4300H  (get file attribute)
   4eH    (find file)
   6cH    (extended file open/create) that DOS will search a series of directories (in addition to the
 current default directory) in an attempt to locate files.

   Notes: ■ The Append command is rarely used.  It was designed as a stop-
            gap measure to allow old programs (that did not recognized
            pathnames) to work in the DOS 2.0+ environment.

          ■ One potential use for APPEND.EXE is that it provides a way to
            effectively increase the maximum number of directories on your
            command search path (the Path command).  When you use
            Append /X, DOS will look through the APPEND directories when it
            attempts to locate program names.

See Also: INT 2fH: Multiplex Interrupt
          DOS Functions