CVF Region: "MD Stamps"

 DoubleSpace places special signatures at two places in the CVF.  These are
 used in verifying the integrity of the volume and would come in handy in
 recovering a CVF.

 MdStamp1 is located in first four bytes of a reserved sector that is
          directly after the BootSect.  It is:

             '°DR0' (f8H, 44H, 52H, 00H).

 MdStamp2 is located in first four bytes of the last complete sector in the
          CVF.  It is:

             'MDR0' (4dH, 44H, 52H, 00H)

          For instance, if the CVF is an exact multiple of 512 bytes long,
          then it is in the last sector.  Otherwise, it is in the sector
          just before the last (partial) sector.

   Notes: The MdStamp1 was undoubtedly 'MDR0' originally, but a Microsoft
          source code file claims Mentions that the first byte was changed
          to f8H to make DoubleSpace drives compatible with Colorado Memory
          Systems tape backup software.

          F8H is a standard media descriptor byte that one might find in
          the first sector following the boot sector on a hard disk (it is
          normally the first byte of a standard FAT).

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