MRCI Fn ffffH: Deinstall Server

                                                         Compatibility: 6.0+ 
 Expects: AX    ffffH
          ES:BX address of a MRCInfoRec structure filled via INT 2fH 4a12H
 Returns: AX    0000H = success
                else  = MRCI API Error Code
    Info: This fn is used only by MRCI servers.  If, at load time, a MRCI
          server detects that another MRCI server is already active, it can
          compare the capacities and version of the installed server to
          those of it own.

          If it believes that it can do a better job, it (presumably) could
          use this fn to tell the other driver to deinstall itself.

          However, the example code in the MRCI spec does not use this.
          Instead, it edits the old server's MRCInfoRec structure to point
          to its own entry address (a technique which would not work if the
          structure were in ROM).

See Also: MRCI API