INT 33H 0003H: Query Position / Button Status

 Expects: AX    0003H
 Returns: BX    Button status: bit 0 = left button down   (BX & 1) == 1
                               bit 1 = right button down  (BX & 2) == 2
                               bit 2 = center button down (BX & 4) == 4
          CX    X coordinate (horizontal)    divide by 8 for text clm
          DX    Y coordinate (vertical)      divide by 8 for text line
    Info: This returns the current position of the mouse pointer, and the
          current status of the mouse buttons.

          Rather than constantly polling this function, many programmers
          prefer to install a mouse event handler via INT 33H 000cH or
          INT 33H 0018H and maintain global variables for instant access to
          mouse information.

   Notes: All X,Y coordinates are virtual coordinates and when working with
          text mode, you must divide each value by 8 to get a character

See Also: INT 33H: Mouse Support
          Interrupts and BIOS Services