INT 33H 0007H: Set Horizontal Range

 Expects: AX    0007H
          CX    minimum X coordinate (horizontal pixel position)
          DX    maximum X coordinate (horizontal pixel position)
 Returns: none
    Info: This sets a horizontal range out of which the mouse pointer will
          not be able to move.  Attempts by the user (or the program via
          INT 33H 0004H) to move to the left of CX or the right of DX will
          cause the pointer to remain at the minimum or maximum value in
          the range.

          Use INT 33H 0008H to limit motion on the vertical axis.

   Notes: All X,Y coordinates are virtual coordinates and when working with
          text mode, you must divide each value by 8 to get a character

See Also: INT 33H: Mouse Support
          Interrupts and BIOS Services