INT 33H 0004H: Set Mouse Pointer Position

 Expects: AX    0004H
 Returns: CX    X coordinate (horizontal)    multiply text clm by 8
          DX    Y coordinate (vertical)      multiply text line by 8
    Info: This sets the driver's internal pointer coordinates.

          The pointer moves there, even if it is currently hidden (see
          INT 33H 0002H) or if X,Y is in the exclusion area (see
          INT 33H 0010H).

          If X,Y is outside the range set by INT 33H 0007H and
          INT 33H 0008H, then the pointer is "pinned" within the range
          rectangle (it will be set to the nearest valid limit).

          It is rare to need to move the pointer; the best policy is to let
          the user do the driving.

   Notes: All X,Y coordinates are virtual coordinates and when working with
          text mode, you must divide each value by 8 to get a character

See Also: INT 33H: Mouse Support
          Interrupts and BIOS Services