Display Functions

 INT 10H BIOS video services  ─────────────────────────────█▌BIOS/Hardware▐█ 
 CGA    MDA    EGA    VGA    SVGA  video system submenus

 Video Modes            Video Snow     Screen Attributes
 Video Memory Layouts                  Color Table
 Video Font Definition (and dynamic character redefinition)
 06H console input and output (no-wait input)
 02H and 40H (BX=1 or 2) display one character
 09H and 40H (BX=1 or 2) display a string of characters

 440cH 5fH set display mode (e.g., 50-line mode on VGA)
 440cH 7fH query display information

 INT 2fH 1a00H             see if ANSI.SYS is installed
 ANSI Escape Sequences     move cursor; cls; set screen colors, etc.
 National Language Support font downloading
 MENUCOLOR=                set screen color in MultiConfig Menus
 INT 2fH 40xxH             Enh386-mode Windows Virtual Display services
 Character I/O Functions                                      Service Groups