DOS Function Index - by DOS Version

 This index lists INT 21H functions, organized by the DOS versions in which
 they first appeared.  Fns that have been supported since DOS 1.x and 2.x
 are not listed, except for a few which were first documented with DOS 5.0.

 See DOS Function Index - by Number for a complete list.

Versions  DOS Function
 ┌────┐ ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
 │?.? │  52H   Get DOS Variables                                    ◄undoc►
 │?.? │  53H   Convert BPB to DPB                                   ◄undoc►
 │?.? │  60H   Query TrueName                                       ◄undoc►
 │    │
 │2.0+│  1fH   Get Drive Parameter Block (current disk)          ◄wasUndoc►
 │2.0+│  32H   Get DPB (Drive Parameter Block)                   ◄wasUndoc►
 │2.0+│  3305H Get Boot Drive                                    ◄wasUndoc►
 │2.0+│  34H   Get InDOS Address (DOS Reentrancy Status)         ◄wasUndoc►
 │2.0+│  4b01H Load Program                                      ◄wasUndoc►
 │2.0+│  50H   Set PSP                                           ◄wasUndoc►
 │2.0+│  51H   Query Current PSP                                 ◄wasUndoc►
 │2.0+│  62H   Query Current PSP                                 ◄wasUndoc►
 │    │
 │3.0+│  4408H IOCTL Does Drive Use Removable Media
 │3.0+│  5800H Query Memory Allocation Strategy
 │3.0+│  5801H Set Memory Allocation Strategy
 │3.0+│  59H   Get Extended Error Info
 │3.0+│  5aH   Create Unique Temporary File
 │3.0+│  5bH   Create New File
 │    │
 │3.1+│  4409H IOCTL Is Drive Remote
 │3.1+│  440aH IOCTL Is File/Device Remote
 │3.1+│  440bH IOCTL Set Sharing Retry Count
 │3.1+│  5c00H Lock File Access
 │3.1+│  5c01H Unlock File Access
 │3.1+│  5e00H Query Network Node Name
 │3.1+│  5e02H Set Network Printer Setup
 │3.1+│  5e03H Query Network Printer Setup
 │3.1+│  5f02H Network Query Assign-List Entry
 │3.1+│  5f03H Make Network Connection
 │3.1+│  5f04H Delete Network Connection
 │    │
 │3.2+│  440dH 40H IOCTL Set Device Parameters
 │3.2+│  440dH 41H IOCTL Write Track on Logical Drive
 │3.2+│  440dH 42H IOCTL Format Track on Logical Drive
 │3.2+│  440dH 47H IOCTL Set Access Flag
 │3.2+│  440dH 60H IOCTL Query Device Parameters
 │3.2+│  440dH 61H IOCTL Read Track on Logical Drive
 │3.2+│  440dH 62H IOCTL Verify Track on Logical Drive
 │3.2+│  440dH 68H IOCTL Sense Media Type
 │3.2+│  440eH IOCTL Query Logical Drive Map
 │3.2+│  440fH IOCTL Set Logical Drive Map
 │    │
 │3.3+│  440cH 45H IOCTL Set Retry Iteration Count
 │3.3+│  440cH 4AH IOCTL Select Code Page
 │3.3+│  440cH 4CH IOCTL Start Code Page Prepare
 │3.3+│  440cH 4DH IOCTL End Code Page Prepare
 │3.3+│  440cH 65H IOCTL Query Retry Iteration Count
 │3.3+│  440cH 6AH IOCTL Query Current Code Page
 │3.3+│  440cH 6BH IOCTL Query Code Page List
 │3.3+│  6501H Get Extended Country Information
 │3.3+│  6504H Get Uppercase Table
 │3.3+│  6505H Get Filename Character Table
 │3.3+│  6506H Get Collating Sequence Table
 │3.3+│  6507H Get Double-Byte Character Set
 │3.3+│  6520H Upshift Character
 │3.3+│  6521H Upshift String
 │3.3+│  6522H Upshift ASCIIZ String
 │3.3+│  6601H Query Active Code Page
 │3.3+│  6602H Activate Code Page
 │3.3+│  67H   Set File Handle Count
 │3.3+│  68H   Commit File
 │    │
 │4.0 │  440dH 67H IOCTL Query Access Flag
 │4.0+│  440cH 5Fh IOCTL Set Display Mode
 │4.0+│  440cH 7Fh IOCTL Query Display Mode
 │4.0+│  440dH 46H IOCTL Set Media ID
 │4.0+│  5d0aH Set Extended Error
 │4.0+│  6cH   Extended Open/Create
 │    │
 │5.0+│  3306H Get DOS Version Info
 │5.0+│  440dH 66H IOCTL Query Media ID
 │5.0+│  4410H IOCTL Query IOCTL Support for Handle
 │5.0+│  4411H IOCTL Query IOCTL Support for Device
 │5.0+│  4b05H Set Execution State
 │5.0+│  5802H Query Upper-Memory Link State
 │5.0+│  5803H Set Upper-Memory Link State
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