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 80x86 Opcodes
 80x87 Floating-Point Opcodes
 8253-5 Timer/Counter chip
 8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI)
 8259 Interrupt Controller
 A20 line control
 absolute disk I/O
 alarm functions (INT 1aH)
 alarm handler interrupt (INT 4aH)
 allocate memory, conventional
  allocate memory, EMS
  allocate memory, protected-mode (DPMI)
  allocate memory, upper
  allocate memory, XMS
  allocate switcher ID
 allocation strategy
 Alt key, status
 Alt-shifted keys
 ANSI Console Escape Sequences
 ANSI.SYS services
 API Index
 APM, About
  APM: Advanced Power Management Services
 APPEND.EXE services
 Articles and Overviews
 ASCII (SubMenu)
  ASCII box & line characters
  ASCII character set matrix
  ASCII control codes
  ASCII extended ASCII Keystrokes
  ASCII/Hex/Decimal/Binary Xref
  ASCIIZ string▲
 assign-list entry
 ASSIGN.COM services
 Asynchronous Communications (INT 14H)
  Async Com Adapter Ports
  Async Com Input (DOS Fn 03H)
  Async Com IRQs
  Async Com Output (DOS Fn 04H)
 AT-class computers
  AT Extended Services (INT 15H)
  AT Keyboard Functions
  AT Switch Settings
  AT, CMOS storage in
  AT, hard disk ports in
  AT, hard disk types in
 attribute, device driver
  attribute, EMS handle
  attribute, file
  attribute, video
  attribute, video: Color Table
 available memory, DOS/conventional
  available memory, EMS
  available memory, upper
  available memory, XMS
 background color
 beep, producing
 bidirectional parallel port I/O
 BIOS Interrupts and Services
  BIOS Data Area
  BIOS Data Structures
  BIOS Power-On Self-Test
 BitFAT (CVF Region)
 blink, character foreground
 block device drivers
 block device IOCTL
 boot drive, get
  boot, clean
  boot, interactive
  Boot Sector Layout
 BootSect (CVF Region)
 bootstrap loader
 bootstrap operation
 border color
 bounds exception
 BPB (BIOS Parameter Block)
  BPB, build
  BPB, convert to DPB
 break handler (INT 23H)
  break, BIOS keyboard
  break, DOS control over
 breakpoint interrupt
 busy, CPU is (APM)
  busy, BIOS device is
  busy, DOS device is
  busy, DOS is
  busy, file is
  busy, printer is
  busy, output until
 buttons, mouse
 cables, InterLink
 CD-ROM Services
 CDS: Current Directory Structure (undocumented data structure)
 CGA: Color Graphics Adaptor (SubMenu)
 CGA: Video Snow and CLS Flash
 character devices
 character generator functions
 Character I/O Functions
 character redefinition
 characters, ASCII
 clear screen via BIOS
 clear screen via DOS
 Clipboard Services, Windows
 clock functions, BIOS  See Also: Timer
 clock functions, DOS
 CLOCK$ I/O structure
 close EMM handle
 close file
 close XMS handle
 CMOS Storage Layout  (non-volatile memory)
 code page
 code page font files
 codes, ASCII
   codes, control
   codes, error
 color attributes
 color table
 colors, DOS startup menu
 colors, TECH Help!
 commit file
 command-line hook (INT 2fH aexxH)
 COMn: See Asynchronous Communications
 compressed RAM disk, using
 compressed volume file, DoubleSpace
 compression, real-time
 CON device
 CONFIG.SYS Commands
 CONFIG.SYS Options, Enhanced
 configuring TECH Help!
 connection, network
 control codes, ASCII
 conventional memory: See Memory
 coprocessor not present interrupt
 coprocessor opcodes, math
 coprocessor, is installed
 coprocessor, status of
 copying TECH Help! text
 country ID Codes
 country-dependent information
  See Also: National Language Support
 CPI File Layout (Code Page Font Files)
 CPU compatibility
 CPU opcodes
 create directory
 create file
 Critical Error Handler (INT 24H)
 critical section
 Ctrl key, status
 Ctrl+Break:  See Break
 Ctrl-shifted keys
 cursor position and size, query, set
  cursor emulation (scaling)
  cursor position, set
  cursor size, set
  cursor, turning off
 CVF fragmentation
 CVF layout
 DAC color registers
 data area, BIOS
 data structures
 data, compress
 data, decompress
 date functions
 DCC (Display Combination Code)
 Debug Commands
 default disk
 delete directory
 delete file
  device attribute
  device driver basics
  device driver errors
  device header
  device I/O control
  device request header
  device requests
  device redirection, network
  device status word
 Device Drivers  (SubMenu)
 device ID, APM
 directory entry layout
 disk controller ports
  disk data structures
  disk device drivers
  disk directory services
  disk extended partition table
  disk file I/O services
  disk I/O; sector-level via BIOS
    disk I/O; sector-level via DOS
    disk I/O; track-level via DOS
  disk media descriptor
  disk parameter table, diskette
  disk parameter table, hard disk
  disk services, BIOS
  disk services, DOS
  disk types
  disk, boot sector of
  disk, compressed
  disk, DOS current default
  disk, partition table of
  disk, query boot
  disk, query free space on
  disk, query remote
 diskette interrupt (INT 0eH)
 display memory
 display services, BIOS
  display services, DOS
  display adapter, CGA
  display adapter, EGA
  display adapter, SVGA
  display adapter, VGA
  See Also: Video
 division overflow interrupt (INT 00H)
 DMA Ports
 DOS busy flag
  DOS Data Structures (SubMenu)
  DOS Environment
  DOS Error Codes
  DOS Functions, About
  DOS Functions, by DOS Version Number
  DOS Functions, by Functional Groups
  DOS Functions, Complete List
  DOS Functions, Quick Reference
  DOS Idle (INT 28H)
  DOS Interrupts (SubMenu)
  DOS Partition
  DOS Program Startup & Exit
  DOS Protected Mode Interface (DPMI)
  DOS Variables, undocumented
  DOS Versions
 DOSKEY.COM services
 double-byte character set (DBCS)
 DoubleSpace (SubMenu)
  DoubleSpace API Services
  DoubleSpace CVF Layout
  DoubleSpace MDFAT-to-FAT Mapping
  DoubleSpace, see if drive is
 DPB: Drive Parameter Block
 DPMI services, using
 Drive Parameter Block (DPB)
 DTA: Disk Transfer Address
 dynamic character redefinition
 EGA: Enhanced Graphics Adapter  (SubMenu)
  EGA I/O Ports
  EGA BIOS Services
  EGA Data Areas
  EGA Pin Outs
  EGA Switch Settings
 EMS API Services
 EMS: Expanded Memory Specification (SubMenu)
 emulation, cursor
  emulation, light pen
 enh386 windows services and notifications
 entry address, DPMI
  entry address, MRCI
  entry address, Switcher
  entry address, VxDs
  entry address, XMM
  environment variables, predefined
 Epson/IBM Printer Codes
 equipment installed
 error codes (SubMenu)
 error codes at power-on
  error handler, critical
  error info, get
  error info, set
 escape sequence, ANSI.SYS
 event wait
 execute a program
 exit address
  exit code, get
  exit program (terminate)
 Expanded Memory Specification (EMS) (SubMenu)
 extended ASCII Keystrokes
 extended country information
 extended error information, get
 extended error information, set
 extended keyboard
 Extended Memory Specification (XMS) (SubMenu)
 extended open/create file
 FAT (File Allocation Table)
  FAT (CVF Region)
  FAT, Mapping to MDFAT
 FCB: File Control Block
 File Allocation Table (FAT)
  File and Directory Services
  file attribute
  File Control Block (FCB)
  file handles
  file I/O Services, FCB-Oriented
  file I/O services, handle-Oriented
  File Sharing Functions
  file time/date format
  file, commit
  file, CONFIG.SYS
  file, find
  file, Standard I/O
 find file
 floating-point opcodes
 flush and invalidate DoubleSpace cache
  flush disk buffers
  flush DoubleSpace cache
 font definition, video
  font services, video
 foreground blink
  foreground color
 formatting disks via BIOS
  formatting disks via DOS
 formats, clipboard data
 fragmentation of CVF
  fragmentation, file
 free disk space, query
  free disk space, query DoubleSpace
  free memory block, conventional or UMB
  free memory block, EMS
  free memory block, XMS
 functions, API Index
  functions, BIOS Interrupts
  functions, combined API services
  functions, DOS
  functions, DOS Quickref
 Game I/O Adapter Port
 Generic IOCTL
 General Memory Map
 General Protection Fault
 Graphics Memory Layouts
 Graphics Modes, Standard
 Graphics Modes, SVGA
 Graphics Pointer, Mouse
 Gray-Scale, convert to
 Gray-Scale Summing
 handle, device or file
  handle, EMS
  handle, XMS
 Handle-Oriented File I/O
 hard disk ports, AT
  hard disk ports, XT
  hard disk types
 Hardware Interrupts / IRQs
 HELP: TECH Help! Viewer Help
 Hercules display adapter (See MDA)
 hide mouse pointer
 high memory area (HMA)▲
  high memory area, installed state
  high memory area, is DOS in the
 HIMEM.SYS Services (XMS Entry Address)
 hooking DOS commands (INT 2fH aexxH)
 HMA Suballocations
 I/O functions, BIOS Disk
  I/O functions, BIOS Keyboard
  I/O functions, BIOS Printer
  I/O functions, BIOS Serial Port
  I/O functions, BIOS Timer
  I/O functions, character
  I/O functions, file via FCB
  I/O functions, file
 I/O Port Map
 I/O Redirection
 I/O, Standard
 ID, APM device
  ID, code page
  ID, country
  ID, switcher
  ID, media (media descriptor)
  ID, virtual machine
  ID, volume
  ID, VxDs
 implied 9th bit
 incremental decompression
 Index, API
  Index, Combined Services
  Index, DOS Function QuickRef
  Index, DOS Functions by Category
  Index, DOS Functions by Version
  Index, DOS Functions
 InDOS Flag
 Information Functions, System
 initialize device driver
 installed state, ANSI.SYS
  installed state, APM
  installed state, APPEND.EXE
  installed state, ASSIGN.COM
  installed state, disk drive
  installed state, DOSKEY.COM
  installed state, DoubleSpace
  installed state, GRAFTABL.COM
  installed state, HIMEM.SYS (XMS support)
  installed state, joystick
  installed state, KEYB.COM
  installed state, mouse support
  installed state, MRCI compression support
  installed state, MSCDEX
  installed state, network support
  installed state, Network support
  installed state, NLSFUNC.EXE
  installed state, PRINT.EXE
  installed state, SHARE.EXE
  installed state, Switcher
  installed state, Windows Clipboard
  installed state, Windows Enh386 Support
  installed state, XMS support
 instance data, switcher
 Instruction Set (CPU Opcodes)
 INT nn (Interrupts and BIOS Services)
 INT nn (opcode)
 ──────────── (Example: use XVIEW "INT 10"◄┘ for quick look-up) ───────────
  INT 00H  INT 01H  INT 02H  INT 03H  INT 04H  INT 05H  INT 06H  INT 07H
  INT 08H  INT 09H  INT 0aH  INT 0bH  INT 0cH  INT 0dH  INT 0eH  INT 0fH
  INT 10H  INT 11H  INT 12H  INT 13H  INT 14H  INT 15H  INT 16H  INT 17H
  INT 18H  INT 19H  INT 1aH  INT 1bH  INT 1cH  INT 1dH  INT 1eH  INT 1fH
  INT 20H  INT 21H  INT 22H  INT 23H  INT 24H  INT 25H  INT 26H  INT 27H
  INT 28H  INT 29H  INT 2aH  INT 2eH  INT 2fH  INT 31H  INT 33H  INT 40H
  INT 41H  INT 43H  INT 4aH  INT 67H  INT 70H
 Interrupt Controller
 Interrupt, Get Vector
 Interrupt, Multiplex (INT 2fH)
 Interrupt, Non-Maskable
 Interrupt, Set Vector
 Interrupts and BIOS Services
 Interrupts, DOS
 Invalid Opcode Interrupt (INT 06H)
 Invalid Task State Interrupt (INT 0aH)
 invalidate DoubleSpace cache
 IOCTL Functions
  IOCTL data packets, generic
  IOCTL, block devices
  IOCTL, character devices
  IOCTL, device driver input
  IOCTL, device driver output
  IOCTL, device driver generic
  IOCTL, support query, device driver
  IOCTL, support indicated in device attribute
 IRQs: Hardware Interrupts  (SubMenu)
 jobs, print spooler
 joystick BIOS support (INT 15H)
 joystick I/O port
 joystick installed state
 key codes, ASCII
 key codes, extended ASCII
 key, Alt, Ctrl & Shift status
  key, Break (avoiding DOS exit)
  key, Break (BIOS)
  key, Break (setting DOS Break level)
  key, PrintScreen
  key, SysReq
 KEYB.COM Services
 keyboard connector - AT
  keyboard connector - PC/XT
  keyboard connector - PS/2
  keyboard ports & hardware
  keyboard intercept (INT 15H)
  keyboard interrupt (INT 09H)
  keyboard scan codes
  keyboard services, BIOS (INT 16H)
  keyboard services, DOS
  keyboard services, DOSKEY
  keyboard shift status flags
  keyboard status LEDs
  keyboard typematic rate
 language support, national
 layout, CMOS Storage
 layout, CVF
 layout, video memory
 LDT descriptors
 level, break-check
 light pen emulation (mouse fn 0dH)
 light pen support (BIOS)
 line-drawing characters
 linear memory
 lines, screen, setting in text mode
 link state, upper memory
 List of Lists  (undocumented DOS variables)
 load and execute program or overlay
 loading of video font characters, dynamic
 loading video fonts
 lock file access
 lock XMS memory block
 LPTn services
 machine ID, virtual
 math coprocessor installed
 math coprocessor not present (INT 07H)
 MDBPB (CVF Region)
 MDFAT (CVF Region)
 media descriptor (media ID byte)
 media type
 media, removable
 memory allocation strategy
 Memory Control Block (MCB)
 memory control block, base
 Memory Management Functions
 Memory Map, BIOS Variables
 Memory Map, General
 memory size, < 1MB
  memory size, > 1MB
  memory size, DOS Free
 memory, accessing upper
  memory, at program startup
  memory, CMOS (configuration data layout)
  memory, conventional▲
  memory, DPMI services
  memory, expanded (EMS)
  memory, extended (XMS)
  memory, HMA▲
  memory, HMA Suballocations
  memory, ROM-Scan
  memory, upper▲
  memory, video
 memory-resident software support services
 Microprocessor, Instruction Set
 Microprocessor, System Compatibility
 Microsoft Real-Time Compression Interface
 mode, protected
 modes, SVGA
 modes, video
 mount DoubleSpace drive
 Mouse Support Services
 move or rename a file or directory
 MSCDEX Support
 MultiConfig Menus
 music, producing
 named handle, EMS
 National Language Support Functions
 Network and File-Sharing Functions
 NLSFUNC Services
 Non-Maskable Interrupt
 notifications, switcher
 notifications, Windows
 Obsolete DOS Functions
 opcode summary
 opcode, invalid (INT 06H)
 opcodes, 80x86
 opcodes, alphabetical list
 opcodes, 80x87 floating point
 open device (BIOS Hook)
  open EMM handle
  open file via FCB
  open file, with extended options
  open file
 Open Mode / Access Mode
 options, TECH Help! configuration
 output functions, character
  output functions, device driver
  output functions, file
  output functions, IOCTL
  output functions, printer
 overflow (division by 0)
  overflow handler for INTO opcode
  overflow stack (protected mode)
 overlay file, load
 overscan / border color
 Overviews and Articles
 Page Fault Interrupt (Protected Mode)
 page frame (EMS)
 Page, Video
 page, video
 paging, virtual memory
 palette functions, CGA
 palette functions, EGA/VGA
 parallel ports
 partition table
 partition, extended DOS
 Path, Append
 PATH, predefined e-var
 Pin Outs and Cables
 pointer, mouse
 Popup Programs (TSRs)
 ports, asynchronous communications (COMn)
  ports, CGA and MDA
  ports, diskette controller
  ports, DMA
  ports, EGA
  ports, hard disk (AT)
  ports, hard disk (XT)
  ports, I/O Port Map
  ports, interrupt Controller
  ports, joystick (game adaptor)
  ports, keyboard
  ports, PPI
  ports, printer
  ports, serial (COMn)
  ports, timer
  ports, VGA
 POST: Power-On Self-Test
 POST Error Codes
 Power Management Services
 power management, about
 PPI (Programmable Peripheral Interface) Ports
 predefined environment variables
 prepare code page
 print spooler API
 PRINT.EXE Services
 printer codes, Epson/IBM
 printer connector
 Printer I/O Ports
 printer IRQs
 Printer Services and Topics
 printer, ASCII Control Codes
  printer, BIOS services (INT 17H)
  printer, LPTn base addresses
  printer, network
  printer, standard I/O handle of
 printing TECH Help! topics
 PrintScreen handler, select alternate
 PrintScreen key interrupt handler
 Program Control Functions
  program exit code
  program idle
  program overlay, load
 Program Segment Prefix (PSP)
 Program Startup & Exit
 program, execute
  program, terminate
 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI)
 protected mode
 PSP: Program Segment Prefix
 PUTCHAR, fast (INT 29H)
 Quick-Reference Subset of DOS Functions
 query system settings
 RAM  (See Also: Memory)
 RAM disk, using a compressed
 read disk file or device
  read disk sector (BIOS)
  read disk sector (DOS)
  read disk track (DOS)
  read IOCTL data from file or device
 real-time clock alarm handler (INT 4aH)
  real-time clock hardware (CMOS)
  real-time clock interrupt (INT 70H)
  real-time clock services
 real-time compression
 redefinition, dynamic character
 redirect network device
 redirect standard I/O handle
 reentrancy status (InDOS Flag)
 remote drive
 rename or move a file or directory
 request header, device driver
 requests, device driver
 resident software (TSR)
 retry count, network sharing
 ROM character sets
 ROM-BIOS  (See Also: BIOS)
 ROM-BIOS Data Area
 RootDir (CVF Region)
 Scan Code, Keyboard
 Sector Heap (CVF Region)
 sector-level I/O, BIOS
 sector-level I/O, DOS
 segment not present handler (INT 0bH)
 Serial I/O (See Also: Asynchronous I/O)
 serial ports
 services, BIOS
  services, by category
  services, combined API list
  services, DOS All
  services, DOS QuickRef
 shift-hey status flags
 single-step interrupt
 sounds, producing
 speaker control
 special characters
 spooler services
 stack overflow handler (INT 0cH)
 startup & exit, program
 static functionality table (VGA)
 string, get input of
  string, output via BIOS
  string, output via DOS
  string, upshift for national language
 structures, conventions used in TECH Help!
 structures, DOS & BIOS
 superseded DOS functions
 SuperVGA (SubMenu)
 SVGA (SubMenu)
 swap DoubleSpace drive IDs
 Switch Settings (SubMenu)
 switcher / DOS Shell services
 Switcher API Overview
 SysReq Key
 System Compatibility
 System Services, by Category
 System Startup Sequence
 Task Switcher / DOS Shell API

 TECH Help! configuration file (XVIEW.INI)
 TECH Help! menus
 TECH Help! keyboard usage
 TECH Help!, data structures in
 TECH Help!, using

 Terminate Address (INT 22H)
 Terminate and Stay Resident Services
 terminate program (fn 4cH)
 terminate program (INT 20H)
 terminating, Switcher is
 terminating, Windows is
 time, BIOS Services (INT 1aH)
  time, DOS CLOCK$ I/O
  time, DOS query current
  time, DOS set current
  time, DOS set/query for file
 timer event handler (INT 4aH)
  timer event, set (INT 15H)
  timer interrupt (INT 08H)
  timer interrupt, RTC (INT 70H)
  timer interrupt, User (INT 1cH)
  timer ports
  timer wait (INT 15H)
  timer, CMOS Real-Time Clock
 timeslice, release
 timeslice, using DOS Idle time
 track, format via BIOS
  track, format via DOS
  track, read/write via DOS
 transfer address, disk (DTA)
 TSR Services
 TTY, write character as
 typematic rate, keyboard
  UMB, access via DEVICEHIGH= command
  UMB, accessing
  UMB, in DOS= command
  UMB, loading xView into
 unique temporary file, create
 unlock file access
 unlock XMS memory block
 unmount DoubleSpace drive
 upper memory▲
 upper memory, accessing
 upshift text (NLS Support)
 User Alarm Handler (4aH)
 User Timer Interrupt (1cH)
 user-defined video fonts
 Using TECH Help!
 variables, environment
 variables, predefined environment
 variables, undocumented DOS
 vector, get interrupt
 vector, set interrupt
 viewer, using the TECH Help!
 verify disk I/0
 verify sectors (BIOS)
 verify track (DOS)
 version, DOS
  version, DOS fns listed by
  version, get DOS (fn 30H)
  version, get DOS actual (fn 3306H)
  version, get DoubleSpace
  version, get EMS
  version, get mouse
  version, get Switcher
  version, get XMS
 VESA/SVGA Services
 VGA: Video Graphics Adaptor  (SubMenu)
  VGA cables
  VGA data areas
  VGA I/O ports
 video adapter cables and connectors
  video attributes
  video color table
  video font definition
  video memory layouts
  video modes
  video modes, SVGA
  video page
  Video Services (INT 10H)
  video snow
 virtual display driver fns
 volume label (in boot record)
 volume label (in root directory)
 VxDs: Some Published IDs
 wait for keystroke (BIOS)
 wait for keystroke (DOS)
 wait for specified interval
 Windows Clipboard API
 Windows Enh386 Services
 Windows VDD Services
 write to disk file or device
  write disk sector (BIOS)
  write disk sector (DOS)
  write disk track (DOS)
  write IOCTL data to file or device
 XMS Services
 XMS: Extended Memory Specification
 XMS, check installed state
 XMS, get entry address
 XT Hard disk Ports
 XT Switch Settings
 XVIEW Syntax
 XVIEW.INI, modifying (TECH Help! configuration)
───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────█▌DOS Fn #s▐█
 (Example: use XVIEW 3c◄┘ at DOS prompt for quick look-up)
 00H   01H   02H   03H   04H   05H   06H   07H   08H   09H   0aH   0bH   0cH
 0dH   0eH   0fH   10H   11H   12H   13H   14H   15H   16H   17H   19H   1aH
 1bH   1cH   1fH   21H   22H   23H   24H   25H   26H   27H   28H   29H   2aH
 2bH   2cH   2dH   2eH   2fH   30H   31H   32H   33H   34H   35H   36H   37H
 38H   39H   3aH   3bH   3cH   3dH   3eH   3fH   40H   41H   42H   43H   44H
 4400H 4401H 4402H 4403H 4404H 4405H 4406H 4407H 4408H 4409H 440aH 440bH
 440cH 440dH 440eH 440fH 4410H 4411H 45H   46H   47H   48H   49H   4aH   4bH
 4cH   4dH   4eH   4fH   50H   51H   52H   53H   54H   56H   57H   58H   59H
 5aH   5bH   5cH   5d0aH 5eH   5fH   60H   62H   65H   66H   67H   68H   6cH